Citrix XenApp 7.6 MCS Error – “An Error Occurred While Preparing the Image”

I ran into an issue recently in a Citrix XenApp 7.6 environment, running with Machine Creation Services provisioned XenApp Servers.  The issue started after the VSphere environment was upgraded from 5.5 to 6.0.  When trying to update machines in the Machine Catalog, I received the following error:

The Machine Catalog has the following errors:

An error occurred while preparing the image.

DesktopStudio_ErrorId : UnknownError

ErrorCategory : NotSpecified

ErrorID : FailedToCreateImagePreparationVm

TaskErrorInformation : Terminated

InternalErrorMessage : Could not retrieve the network with reference [network-82] as it no longer exists.

MCS Error

The network name (Server Network) did not change during the upgrade, and I verified that it existed in VCenter.  I also ran the tests on the Hosting connection, and everything came back okay.

After contacting Citrix Support, they had me recreate the Hosting connection, Machine Catalog, and Delivery group.  As well, we removed the VDA from the Master Image, and reinstalled it.

The Support Engineer figured that there was something residual in one of the older snapshots of the Master Image that was pointing to a background network name that no longer exists in the VSphere 6.0 environment.

Just an FYI to beware of dependencies if you are going through a VSphere upgrade.  It was a pain but I’m glad to have MCS working again!